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"Yes, I made the choice. I’ll stay here for Father. But I do not deserve this, having freedom, then losing it. You monster!

If you think that what you do is good, then you’re a fool. Think again.

Am I home? Do I have to learn to find happiness here? Never in my dreams did I see a home cloudy and cold. We have home in the days of childhood, even when we are old. Only where your heart is at home are you home. How true… My heart years, longs very much for home.

Oh, but back in the village I knew well I once complained of that small world!

Here at home, do I stay for one day or for ever? Locked away, who knows when I will see the world again…

But  then time changes all that, I’ll show you what I can do! Build your walls higher, no matter how strong your castle may be… nothing remians holding me.

My heart is flying. Flying home. And is free.”

— A poetic translation of the German lyrics of “Home” from Beauty and the Beast

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